Become a Network Marketer

The benefits of becoming a Network Marketer are:

  • Earning passive income.
  • Getting products or services to use.
  • Reaching financial freedom.

Passive income means that you earn money from your down lines and/or from the total number of members in the company.

There are various percentages of passive income you’ll get, according to the company rules.

The expenses as a Network Marketer are:

  • Monthly fee, usually around $30 – $65 or one-time fee around a hundred US dollars, depend on the company.
  • Auto response fee (some companies give this for free, others don’t) – around $20/month or less.
  • “Renting” domain names for one year (if you want to) – around $9/year or less according to the extension (.com, .info, .org, etc).
  • Advertisements cost. Spare the amount that your ad will cost or read later about how to rank your web at a search engine without bidding.
  • Monthly fee for internet connection.

There are so many ready-made home-based businesses out there to choose from. How will you do it? There are several simple criteria to look for.

Choose only a business that:

  • Has been existence for several years.
  • A legitimate one: one that is a member of Better Business Bureau member (for US companies only) or International Council of Online Professionals. Being a member of either means the business has passed prerequisites.
  • Has good support and training
  • Has a product or service that is marketable, and preferred all over the word.
  • Has a generous pay plan.
  • Gives a money-back guarantee so you can try it first. Your chances to get customers/members are much greater with this guarantee.
  • Better if it meets your own personal demands. So you can promote it better.

The internet business that meets all the criteria above will give you a PROVEN and PROFITABLE ready-made website. It’s an easily duplicable system, but you can make improvisations to boost your market sales.

You can’t fail as long as you know how to market it and to do it persistently, so the marketing training is essential.

Remember, marketing on the internet is different than from offline marketing. You have to learn the tricks of the trade to be successful.

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