If YA were Real: many reasons why you do not want to live in the Land of YA

  1. Most people would not have parents, or they’d have totally clueless dads whom they have to make food for, or they’d have absent, I’m-going-to-spoil-you-because-I-can’t-be-physically-present parents. This is also known as Disappearing Parent Syndrome.
  2. Many people who we think are dead are actually alive and hiding somewhere.
  3. You might think you’re oh-so-plain and boring, but really, you’re incredibly pretty! Boys will chase after you! Scratch that, make it two boys!
  4. Many girls are constantly moving to remote, country towns where it may or may not rain a lot. They may complain a lot about the rain, or the lack of rain. Oh, and don’t forget the hot, mysterious family nearby.
  5. Lots of people have cancer, and there is a notable lack of people with disabilities. Diseases, particularly the less glamorous autoimmune ones, are non-existent. Nobody ever gets bowel cancer, because that’s just gross.
  6. Everybody is very pretty or hot.
  7. There are lots of mean girl cliques, and they’re good at exercising their power and controlling everyone.
  8. Teachers don’t exist.
  9. For the most part, school doesn’t exist.
  10. If you go to a boarding school (and many people do), homework is never a burden or an obstacle when you’re trying to plan something EPIC.
  11. Vampires are sexy, and so are zombies, werewolves, and possibly aliens.
  12. Even though you don’t try, you’re remarkably smart. You never have to worry about not knowing which verb to conjugate for essay homework!
  13. Third world problems like starvation, poverty, and lack of sanitation do not exist. Everybody lives in the first world, and normally America.
  14. Cheerleaders are busty, blonde, and hot. Prom will make constant appearances and is on everyone’s brain.
  15. Do you have a broody, emo stalker? You’re gonna fall in love with him over the next two books.

Any others, or have I covered them all? Leave thoughts in the comments! 🙂