Review: Impossible by Nancy Werlin

When I was reading the synopsis of Impossible, I thought it was a bit cheesy.  I mean, the only way to break the curse is through true love?  Emphasis on true love, hmm…  As you progress through the book it’s not all that bad, but it revolves around romance a lot.  I have to say though, I think the idea is pretty clever and original, as far as I know (or at least can remember).

I read the majority of this book when I was sitting out in our garden warming up in the sun.  I got distracted a few times here and there when ants threatened to climb up my leg, which was unfortunate, so at times my attention was not on the book.  They were those times where you read, but don’t absorb very much at all.  Nevertheless, the other parts of the book drew me in and I wanted to keep reading.  Note here that long after I had finished the book I was still wondering about curses.

Firstly, most of the characters were quite well developed.  The one character I had problems with was the Elfin Knight, the big bad guy.  We didn’t really get to know him at all until the end really, so he was quite mysterious and unknown, almost invisible.  At many points I was thinking more about the main plot itself and the things she needed to do to break the curse, rather than the guy that had set it.  I also did not like the way it he was explained to us at the near ending.  You’d think that someone who had control over the whole Scarborough family for generations would be stronger and smarter, but yet he got outwitted so easily..?  how does this make sense?  Also, the lousy explanation about how they succeeded *cough don’t give too much away cough* didn’t really satisfy me.

The down points about having the book revolve around a song is that it will be repeated a few times in the duration of the few hundred pages.  I did not want to read the lyrics over and over again.  What’s the point?  Yes, the song reminds us of the things that need to be done in order to break the curse, but after reading it for the first time we remember.  All throughout, the characters would talk about it in their dialogue anyway, so we’re constantly reading about it.

Impossible was the type of book where there are heaps of chapters, some of which are quite short.  When I was reading but needed to finish up, I would tell myself “okay, one more chapter” and leave it there.  Well, the awkward moment when the next chapter is short so you can’t get more reading time out of it.  I also would have liked less chapters with more pages, because that helps distinguish where you are in the book.  In this case, it was kind of hard to predict where the story would go after twisting and turning everywhere.

Overall, I got a bit of enjoyment out of Impossible.  The tasks that were set out seemed impossible, which was why I read on, but the way they completed it (in a smart, tricky way) felt like a bit of a cheat.  I would have liked to find a resolution that was truly clever, not the way it ended up.  Still, I had a nice time reading so you guys out there should give it a try 😉 3 and a half out of 5 stars!