Review: Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan

So I picked up my copy of Team Human at the talk with Justine Larbalestier and to be honest, I wasn’t very interested in it when I had read the synopsis beforehand.  The talk was quite engaging and interesting, and so when I purchased the book I wanted to read it.  Note that I read this book even though I should be doing homework and reading an English text I needed to know about for tomorrow.  I’m sort of stuffed right now too, actually, but that kind of explains how I didn’t want to put it down.

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In the talk we learnt that Team Human was satire and meant to be read lightly and in a humorous manner.  It was quite entertaining at many points of the book, but it took me a few chapters to get settled and cosy.  Team Human is quite a clever book because the plot works well with what you might call ‘subplots’.  You can easily pick it up and enjoy a few chapters, then put it down and return to it later.  While I wasn’t reading it though, I found myself constantly thinking about it and how it might result.  I kept wanting to go back to read it, even when I needed to do other things *cough like homework and such*…

As it was written by two authors, the writing blended together really well and it was smooth, no bumps or stand-outs, it was all in one voice.  That made it really easy to read, and soon you would find yourself having flicked through quite a few pages.  I’m not the biggest fan of paranormal, but I somehow managed to really enjoy reading this.  I think it’s also because the characters were strong and unique, their profiles were built up really well over time and maintained, we as the reader would constantly be reminded about little personal traits here and there.

Like I said above, I don’t really enjoy paranormal that much and so I don’t have very much knowledge.  From my little experience though, Team Human is pretty original in terms of idea and plot, and if you think carefully there are some really nice morals.  What was even better was that I found that I could actually relate to the characters really well.  Really well, as in to the point that they would remind me of my own friends – and that made it really quite special.

The ending was sort of unexpected, it wasn’t something I had guessed.  The mystery to the plot was something that I never really tried to figure out or puzzle over much, I just wanted to read and find out when I got there, which I did do.  It was a nice ending that pretty much tied the whole story together, and left me with only one unanswered question.  ‘So, what happens next?’ I had thought to myself.  It was an ending that could possibly have been elaborated or extended onto an epilogue.  I don’t think it’ll continue onto a sequel – anything too long would just be wrong.
I reckon that if you want a bit of a laugh, something light-hearted to read to pass time or anything else, really, you should pick up a copy of Team Human.  The title is also quite clever, as the words ‘Team Human’ were used and repeated in context I think twice or three times – enough for you to recognise it but not so much that it was too repetitive and annoying – which is an interesting reminder.  Read it seriously and you