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Edusson Research and the Research Essay Process is a vital skill for any student in order to be successful through school and beyond. It covers multiple standards and is time consuming to design organization materials and to teach explicitly. 

This packet takes students step by step through the research and writing process in 10-15 days (depending on student skill level and in class work time available).

The packet includes instructions, exemplar guidelines, outlines and drafting templates for each of the following steps:

*Choose Research Topic & Collect Appropriate Sources
*Record Citations
*Take Notes on Research
* Read sample outline and in-line citations
*Outline Body Paragraphs
*Create a Thesis Statement
*Draft the Introduction
*Draft Body Paragraphs
*Write the Conclusion
*Create a Works Cited/Reference Page
*Self & Peer Edit
*Publish Final Draft

Teaching argumentative essays? This pack contains EVERYTHING you will need! There are informational sheets, to introduce the key concepts, examples with activities and student planning guides for each step of the essay. This applies to grades 6-8 as students learn the elements of and art of writing an argument.

This unit includes relevant vocabulary, original essays, and opportunities for students to practice all of the different skills necessary to write an effective argument. It also includes tons of different organizers for students to use as they research and draft their argument. This is everything you’ll need!

Edusson English language students start with the interactive reading of a classic short story. Then, the teacher presents an essay (included) that “proves” something about the story with actual text evidence (swayed one way, of course). The students are eager to refute the teacher and must find text evidence to the contrary. Then, the students dissect the teacher’s essay to determine the format and use that to make a plan for their own similar essay that argues the opposite theory. In this assignment, students have to make an assertion, provide three reasons for the assertion, along with two pieces of text evidence per reason, and an explanation of how each piece of evidence supports the reason. Yes, this is the most challenging BIG DOG research paper in this series, but there is so much scaffolding and differentiation included here that your most challenging (and younger!) students will experience success!

This is a higher-level research paper. It is not required that students complete but it is helpful if your students very inexperienced in writing researched-based argumentative essays. I’d recommend for inexperienced students to at least complete in addition to this one.