Work On Your Essay Arguments

I quickly will go over it so you can see my ideas for my essay all is fair in love and war to add to opposites we would say right and then I said fighting and look at the subject I put power hurt a solution well fighting is about power we could say fighting is about personal power and we get power from ourselves to know who we are when we fight for what we believe in ha didn’t see that did you okay boom I got my I got it okay so I got my grabber and I’m gonna come down to this part later gotta slow down gonna calm down and exciting.

I went to that fight see I want to fight okay so that’s the first thing personal power we only discover who we are by fighting for what we believe hurt yes people do get hurt but it’s only when you do get hurt from fighting do you understand what you are losing and what is necessary to you hurts we just use fighting for hurt and we use pain to show it’s good because that makes you want to step up because when you do get hurt it makes you want to do more to protect yourself and the things you love and solution only when you have fought for something and got a solution will you protect that solution oh yeah not so crazy because I’m sure you like interesting.

That is the power of a good argument when one knows how to argue correctly one can take something that seems crazy and make it completely logical fighting is the only way to heal the world through each person gaining their own personal power learning that what hurts them is what they need to protect and fighting solutions that we fought for it and fighting to keep these solutions can we heal the problems of the world you can’t walk away from your responsibilities didn’t see that did you all from this now of course we’d make sentences the final part of this whole thing is related if you notice I carefully made sure this was related to this was related to this you cannot just write up abstract things things that they’re just ideas would have no connection we have to relate them so we want to make sure the gravel is related to the thesis which is related to the topic the reasons go back here ok and the order as you notice I did it this way we could have done it anyway once you’ve done that you can do your checkmark and you are now prepared to write well we’ve done the ultimate intro you’re ready for the ultimate body.

I’ll give you the first step because now we’re going to take the reasons and they’re going to be the headline for the main reasons in the body see you finish this which is basically a mini essay because the conclusion is just the flip side of this a good start well as my Chinese friends would say every good journey starts with the first good step this is your first good step with a mini essay written in it as you can see the body is here which will go into the body of the essay and your conclusion is right here.